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CEC Workshop Titles

1. "Reel" Stability - Challenge spinal, pelvic, & shoulder girdle stabilizers with Reformer-based exercises on rotational discs. Covers work for sedentary to advanced level clients, including modifications and preferred exercises for special populations and contraindications.

2. Tailor Made - Programming for Posture (Review postural theory and learn to define postural deficiencies as defined by Florence Peterson Kendall and Elizabeth Kendall McCreary. In addition we will discuss appropriate programming for improvement of noted postural deviations.

3.  Post-rehab & Special Populations - This course covers common contraindications for post-rehab and special populations. Appropriate exercise choices and modification options will be discussed.

4.  Anatomy & Biomechanics Review - Review musculoskeletal anatomy and discuss biomechanics of ideal movement/kinesiology.

5. Anatomy, Biomechanics, & Posture (ABP) - A more comprehensive review of anatomy, biomechanics, posture analysis, and program design. This course also satisfies pre-requisite requirements for participation in any PA Teacher Training Modules (Mat, Cadillac, Chair, Barrels).

6. Movement Therapy (Decrease tension and learn to feel differntiation between separate muscles within specific muscle groups.  Improving body awareness can accelerate results in any exercise program.) 

7. My-o-facial Release (There is a lot of controversy surrounding the safety and usefulness of stretching. With YBR and Foam Rolls trainers can now incorporate muscle lengthening into their client’s workout without concern of overstretching or injury. Review the anatomy and physiology of stretching, discuss different stretching techniques and compare them to muscle lengthening and relaxation through My-O-Fascial Release.


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CEC Requirements:
Pilates Associates requires Continuing Education Credits (CECs) in accordance with PMA guidelines: “The Pilates Method Alliance requires all PMA Certified Pilates teachers to maintain 16 hours of PMA approved CEC’s every two years.” Pilates Associates courses are either approved for PMA CECs or pending approval.