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Pilates Associates upholds high standards for all prospective instructors. We understand you may have developed a passion for the work with very little experience under your belt, and for this reason we try not to discourage anyone from the program. However, our training is rigorous both mentally and physically and we expect candidates to meet certain benchmarks before begining coursework. We absolutely require a minimum of 25 hours of Pilates experience before participation in any course other than ABP (Anatomy , Biomechanics & Posture) is granted. This experience may have been gained on your own, or you may choose to enroll in our pre-training program, which provides the necessary prerequisite experience at a highly discounted rate. (The pre-training rate is available only one time and only to students registered in Pilates Associates programs.)

Though the following preconditions are not required, they are highly recommended. If you do not meet these suggested qualification standards, plan extra time to study anatomy and additional hours of practical teaching before taking written and practical assessment exams.

  • College level anatomy
  • Personal Training/Group Fitness certification or 2 years of fitness instruction experience or healthcare degree/certification


Certification Requirements

Participation in ALL classroom instruction is required. Any missed hours of instruction may be made up, for an additional fee, at a ratio of 1 hour of private instruction for each two hours of missed classroom participation. Prior instructor consent is required.

Upon successful completion of coursework, participants have 6 months to log additional practical experience, observation and personal review as noted. Once these requisits have been met, written and practical exams may be scheduled directly with PA staff on an individual basis. A passing score of 80% or higher is necessary for issueance of a Pilates Associates Diploma. The PMA requires this compulsory documentation as proof of education before sitting for the National Pilates Certification Exam.

Testing consists of a written exam and practical presentation. Two hours are allowed for completion of the 100-question written exam and 1hr for the practical portion. In the event a passing score is not achieved at first attempt, a re-test may be sceduled for an additional fee, as soon as 4 weeks, but not more than 4 months, after the initial exam.




and Partial Certification Methods


There is much to learn and perfect in the realm of Pilates. To start an intensive teacher training course with no background is not adviseable. We want you to be successful, and for this reason a minimum prerequisite of personal experience with the work is required. In order to serve those who have developed an immediate passion for Pilates, we have developed a pre-training series. The series consists of 10 private training session, 8 group mat classes and 7 group reformer classes for only $650 ($26/session). The series is available only one time and only to individuals registered in one of our teacher training programs.


CTT is a 9 month Instructor Training program consisting of education in the Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, & Barrel Repertoires in addition to comprehensive anatomy and post-rehabilitation. The complete training encompasses 450hrs of combined classroom, observation, and apprenticeship activity. (Candidates may take up to an additional 6 months to complete required practical, observation and personal review hours.) view complete documentation

MAT (MAO) or Mat & Reformer (MRO)

For individuals only interested in Mat or Mat & Reformer Certification, we offer modular training and Diplomas. Pilates Associates will administer exams and award passing scores with a Diploma; however it is important to note, there is not currently a professional certifying body for Pilates instructors with partial training. Though a Pilates Associates Diploma stands firmly in the industry as a thorough training in the field, the PMA does not currently recognize partial training when considering candidates for its national certification exam. view complete documentation


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