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Classically inspired innovation. Contemporary Contrology™.

Our mission is to provide prospective teachers with the skill, knowledge, and experience necessary to perform with expertise in the field of Pilates instruction.

Pilates Associates Teacher Training Institute courses are developed specifically for those who are serious about a career in Pilates instruction. While maintaining classical exercise order, we have enhanced the repertoire with interstitial exercises to allow for a more progressive approach to the work.

Pilates Teacher Mat CadillacIn addition to meeting all of the standard requirements of a superior Pilates trainning course, a great deal of time is spent on anatomy, kinisiology, personalization and program design. In addition, pedagogy including verbal and tactile cueing, group progression, and multi-level instruction is covered in-depth. Learn more than a system. Learn to teach a lifestyle.


The Pilates Profession

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CNNMoney rates Pilates/Yoga Teacher number 10 in "Best Jobs in America", top 100 careers with big growth, great pay and satisfying work.
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U. S. Teacher Training
Starts Sept 10, 2018

Anatomy, Biomechanics & Posture (ABP)
This is a PRE-REQUISITE for all other courses
Sept 10 - Sept 13, 2018 (2p-5p)

Pilates MAT Teacher Training (MAT)
Starting Sept 14, 2018 ( Mon - Fri 2p-5p)

Pilates REFORMER Teacher Training (MAT)
Starting Oct 2, 2018 ( Mon - Fri 2p-5p)

COMPREHENSIVE Teacher Training (CTT)
Starting Sept 10, 2018 ( Mon - Fri 2p-5p)


Vienna, Austria
Training Dates TBD

Pilates Arts